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Multi-tiered policy subsidy to promote the flight prevention service, in the next few years flying a

Issuing time:2017-12-18 09:30

Multi-tiered policy subsidy to promote the flight prevention service, in the next few years flying anti-drug market or a big trend!

In 2017 eppo unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) service has developed rapidly in our country, the number of eppo unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in use up to 14000 aircraft, operating area of more than 8200 MuCi, at the same time, around the leased eppo drone operation area of more than 2700 MuCi, total operating area of 109 million MuCi. Manned helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft have a working area of more than 42 million per mu. This plays a crucial role in the realization of our country's specialization and control and reducing the cost of farmers' planting. At the same time, the 2018 plant protection uav will continue to heat up, and the demand is expected to be around 8,000, and the operating area is expected to reach 200 million mu per mu. And, apart from cultivated land, our country and forest land 3.798 billion mu, 3.292 billion mu of grassland, garden land of 212 million mu, with the promotion of agricultural mechanization and agricultural drones popularized, agricultural level of the market will be more than billions of drones.

The development of precision agriculture in China is in line with the strategic direction of the agriculture department for "zero growth in fertilizer use and pesticide use by 2020". And can benefit farmers in a larger extent, while greatly improve work efficiency, also can significantly enhance the ability of agriculture resist natural disasters, improve crop quality and increase production to help growers implementation, safeguard consumer's food supply.

"Special agents and special additives have become two major bottlenecks in the development of eppo," said song baoan, an academician at the Chinese academy of engineering. Need to speed up the development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) administer special preparation and evaluation standard, special attention should be paid to low capacity of electrostatic preparations, screening of different additives, solvents and other components of the effects of the air delivery mechanism to distinguish the different control effect of effective ingredients, improve the airline agents to target. Study air condition, applying pesticide pesticide droplets settlement, adhesion, spreading law of filter can reduce the droplet evaporation, reduce loss, promote the settlement of pesticide, the rains washed out, improvement of droplets adhesion and spreading of promote the absorption of spray fertilizer." At present, in the market of unmanned aerial vehicles, the increasing demand, the level of government subsidy and the increasing subsidy and the improvement of the service level of the terminal market. It is said that everything is ready, only the east wind, and this "dongfeng" is to fly anti-drug. This is also an opportunity and challenge for sewin.

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