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The ministry of agriculture replied to the NPC's proposal: it will strengthen the promotion and supp

Issuing time:2017-12-18 09:28

The ministry of agriculture replied to the NPC's proposal: it will strengthen the promotion and support of agricultural plant protection drones!

The ministry of agriculture to withdraw during the two sessions this year's National People's Congress on behalf of "about a eppo unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry standard construction inspection and testing agency proposal" the answer, said it would further strengthen the support in the promotion of agricultural plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

The answer is that the first step is to regulate the operation of the agricultural plant protection drone. Agriculture will be positive and the central military commission of the state council and civil aviation administration of China air traffic control commission office communication and coordination to press for an early to unmanned aircraft operation management rules, provide institutional guarantee for eppo unmanned aircraft flight. Secondly, improve the industry standard. Actively promote the related department to implement the unmanned aircraft system standard system construction guide, to speed up the eppo unmanned aircraft product standards, operation standard, inspection and testing standards eppo drone standards system to consummate gradually. Third, explore subsidy trials. On the basis of reaching consensus with relevant departments, we will further carry out pilot subsidies for purchasing subsidies from the central government. At the same time, we will support the use of local financial resources, and subsidize the purchase of plant protection drones for new operating entities, such as agricultural machinery cooperatives and specialized control organizations.

In the light of the suggestion of the establishment of an unmanned aerial vehicle testing and testing agency, a two-level agricultural machinery testing system has been established in China, which has the capability of testing and detecting the products of agricultural machinery. But because the eppo unmanned aircraft is a new product, the existing agricultural machinery test evaluation institutions does not yet have eppo unmanned aircraft detection ability, the main reason is lack of inspection according to the standard and the necessary testing instruments. Next, the department of agriculture will be jointly with relevant departments, formulate perfect products and related testing standard, on the basis of actively developing ability of testing and appraisal institutions, encourage conditional agricultural machinery test evaluation institutions or other qualified social inspection inspection agencies to carry out the eppo unmanned aircraft detection work, in order to satisfy the demands of industry development.

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